Don’t become hollow.

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect themed song to destroy the cobwebs of self-loathing and righteous thinking and think productively again..

..chocolate also helps.

3 of my favourite OFF! songs

Going head over heels for an intern partner. fml hahaha

So today signed up for a local internship giving 3 days a week of work for film set experience etc…
I’ve got 35 hours paid work this week also…
3 videos to edit…
household jobs to do..
aaaaand skydive within the next two weeks hopefully? :( craaazy busy

300 Rise of an Empire = kind of disappointing compared to the first, but worth a watch for wicked slow motion violence scenes and ancient “greekery” but it’s the soundtrack I love the most!

It is the very worst in us that defines the very best in us.

People aren’t the best because they’re talented, people are the best because they’re dedicated.

Another 2 jumps this weekend just gone. My first qualified jumps. Both solos.
Got kitted up in a new hire jumpsuit, it had booties which were different in freefall but fun!
First jump was awesome, ended up going through a cloud though and opening under canopy; I looked down to see my whole body covered in frost haha did a running landing too which was wicked!
Second jump was also sick, was the last to leave the plane which was intense; to look back and see nobody there to watch you leave and it was the first jump I’ve had the most spacial awareness. Being able to see the two-way skydivers that left before me freefalling 5 seconds away was awesome, did some turning and tracking away to give them a bit more room.
Wicked day was wicked. Wish I had more money to go more often. I love skydiving!

Haven’t seen the film yet, read some poor reviews…
But the score is pretty good. Eerie

Makes me want to write a new script..

Everyday life is a constant battle for productivity over self-loathing